About FMV

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Be the benchmark in the solution of housing needs and reducing the housing deficit generating wellbeing.



To facilitate access to adequate, single-family housing, particularly for low-income families, through the concerted management between the State and the financial and real estate sectors, boosting their development.



a) To increase the level of satisfaction of our clients. Identifying the needs of the target social sectors to improve their perception of the real value that we provide, adapting to their expectations.

b) To generate social and economic value in the housing and real estate sector. To provide products that contribute to the improvement of our target social sectors living conditions and the environment, simultaneously assuring our economical sustainability.

c) To promote the operational excellence and the improvement of the financial model. To optimize our management practices with the aim of achieving institutional strength, administrative simplification, encouraging constant improvements, considering the strengthening of corporate governance.

d) To improve the management of human capital. To promote better talent and human capital management practices that contribute to institutional improvement.