About FMV

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  • We articulate the development of the real estate market at a national level.
  • We finance the acquisition of homes through financial institutions.
  • Administer the granting of subsidies to ensure that families can access to have its own housing.
  • We promote the development of the supply of real estate through the realization of public competitions.
  • Promote the construction of social housing through our programs.


Be the benchmark in the solution of housing needs, developing the real estate market and financial.


Facilitate access to housing, mainly of the low-income families through the concerted management between the State and the financial sector and real estate.



  1. Contribute to the development of decentralized mortgage market positioning ourselves as a company of the efficient and effective public sector to meet the housing needs of the population of fewer resources.
  2. Strengthen the participation of the FMV S. A. at the national level in the generation of real estate through a management integrated with the private financial sector and real estate according to the needs of the population.
  3. Achieving sustainability of Fondo MIVIVIENDA S.A. generating value through efficient financial management.
  4. Optimize the operational efficiency of our processes contributing to the standardisation of the construction sector and real estate.
  5. Strengthen the business growth and learning of the FMV S.A. ensuring a human capital highly motivated, competent and identified with the institution.